so, it’s time I left tumblr. tumblr user milaey (follow her lil tits) saved my URL for me, so if u need to contact me, just message her :) OR you can kik me!

kik: hopoffmyscottdisick

I honestly will never regret making my tumblr or the people I met here. my followers are all so beautiful, and I wish the best for all of you who followed me for me and not just pictures of one direction (but that’s ok too bc holy fucknuts 17 yr Harry could get it all the ways)

whether we grew apart or stayed close I’ll miss u all soooo much because either way you were a part of my life at some point and shaped me to be who I have become.

jayne, selin, mo, shay, zina, christina, cara, laura, aliya, kevin, larry, muskaan, laura, nicole, terri, sydney, blaine, erin, lauren, the toros, the vogues, all my other pgs, aileen (miss u!!), soooo many, many people made such an impact on me and they will be truly missed :’( (sorry if I forgot to name you theres so many I love you all)

please know that you will forever be in my hearts, and I will always be here for you guys no matter what. I love you all heaps & I hope nothing but the best for you all.

love, Elle xx